Radical Heroes Demo

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2014-02-11 20:09:19

Radical Heroes Demo

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Native Oculus Rift Support This software has native Oculus Rift support. Support has been in place from the beginning of the development cycle, or has been enabled through the engine. Gamepad Windows


Oculus Enabled retro beat'em up!

Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis is a fun action packed blast to the past! 

RADICAL HEROES DEMO V1.0 provides a glimpse of what to expect from the full alpha release of Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis.We are going to be alpha funding Radical Heroes: Crimson City Crisis. As we prepare for the initial alpha release we have put together a Demo version of Radical Heroes” With Oculus Rift support”. The demo gives you three mean streets to test your skills on. Once you clear the last street, the previous streets will become active again. This is our way of letting you play for as long as you want without giving out to many spoilers! We thank you for playing our demo and look forward to your support on Radical Heroes. Noah & Moses @Mad Unicorn Games.

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  • 2014-02-14 13:57:01
    Not bad for a fun side scroller.  The 3d effect needs some serious work though.  F1 puts the game into rift mode and F2/3 (I believe) modifies the view but it always appears to be difficult to focus. 
  • 2014-05-18 19:18:23
    Couldn't work out how oculus rift is supposed to work with it. I tried also with it. It's fun game, it reminds of similar games from early 90s